Wholesale Terms and Conditions

Sales Agreement

This Sales Agreement ("Agreement") is entered into as of this day, by and between:

Wholesaler: William Taylor, 50 Kildare Street Christchurch, 8051, New Zealand, trading as BTglass.

Cell: 02108650288

The Retailer: Authorised retailer.

Description of the Item: Handmade blown and sculptured glass products.

Terms of Sale:

  1. Price: The price for the item shall be [As listed].

  2. Minimum Wholesale Order. $450.00

  3. Payment Method: Payment shall be made via [bank transfer to the following account.

    Kiwi bank 38-9009-0183596-04

  4. Payment Due: In full ten working days after delivery, including all freight chargers.

  5. Late Payment: A penalty of ten percent for late payment will apply.

  6. Delivery Method: The item shall be delivered via [Hand Delivery or Fright Forward].

  7. Delivery Date: The delivery shall occur within fifteen working days. Unless otherwise stated.

  8. Ownership: The products supplied remain the sole property of William Taylor trading as BTglass until paid for in full. All photos and designs are intellectual property of the artist William Taylor, and may not be shared or copied to a third party with out the artists permission.

Warranties and Guarantees: All products are handmade blown and sculptured glass and will very slightly in size, style and colour.

Conditions of Sale:

  1. Inspection Period: The retailer shall have five working days from the date of delivery to inspect the item and notify the wholesaler (BTglass) of any defects.

  2. Return Policy: All products are carefully packed in a sturdy box with information card ready for sale. And must be returned in the same packaging.


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