Bill Taylor Glass - One of a kind art glass direct from the artist to you. Christchurch, New Zealand

Bill Taylor


Glass Artist / Glass Blower / Born in New Zealand

The skill and process required to produce these breathtaking works of art takes years of experience to achieve. One mistake during the intricate crafting of these complex glass pieces can result not only in the loss of the work itself but also the forfeiture of countless hours dedicated to preparing and mixing the vibrant colors, as well as laying down the intricate canes of glass. Some of the glass used, known as strike glass, keeps its colors hidden until the piece is fully finished and annealed, adding an element of surprise to the artistic process.

Consequently, I must consistently remember the precise layers and placement of colored glass throughout the creation process. The vibrant hues can also be influenced, or even transformed, by the alchemy of the flame, making the torch an indispensable tool for any glass blower.

When crafting glass of such complexity, one is always working on the edge of what is possible.



Ruby Dragon - SOLD

Ruby over crystal. Approximate size 400x350mm

Candle Sticks - SOLD

Lip wrap candle sticks with clear glass highlights

Fire Perfume Bottle - SOLD

Blown with sculptured flame stopper

Punga Vase - SOLD

Blown and sculptured vase 400mm Tall

Clown fish paperweight- SOLD

This stunning solid glass sculptured paperweight took many hours to make and stands 180mm tall


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