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Glass Artist Bio

Bill Taylor’s glass blowing career began at the age of twenty-four after discovering a natural talent for Flamework glass blowing. He left a successful job in electronics to pursue his new and exciting career. Bill has been working with glass in the flame since1983, in 1984 Bill started his own glass blowing studio.

Having been taught good basic Flamework glass techniques working with a small scientific glass blowing company, Bill embarked on a rigorous self designed training program, with an emphasis on developing skills using both hard and soft glass. Having built a successful wholesale business he opened a studio in the Christchurch Art Center New Zealand with a retail shop attached to an open workshop were people could get up close to the glass working action and on occasion people who showed a deep interest would be invited to give it a go for them self.

This lead to Bill offering Flamework beginner classes and bead making in soft glass.This continued until Bill developed a serious neck injury resulting in him reluctantly having to put aside glass blowing and then deciding to retrain as a plasma CNC operator offering CAD metal art design. (see images below)

And then after several years returning to the electrical / air conditioning industry but on occasion still making commission pieces when possible. Now with careful management of his injury Bill has decided to offer his glass art direct to you on his website.

Bill Taylor the glass blower proudly represents his skill in each piece. This exciting medium brings together earth’s natural properties and the artist’s beautiful designs to create the highest quality art glass.

Bill - 1986 glass crayfish

Metal Art - Mosqito

Drawn in CAD and then cut using CNC plasma cutter. Colour on the plane by heat treating the metal by flame.

Metal Art - BMW

drawn from photo in CAD, cut and finished in stainless steel.


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